Bronchiolitis guideline limerick

In honor of bronchiolitis season, I am posting here a limerick I wrote summarizing the AAP’s 2015 guidelines for treatment of bronchiolitis: When treating bronchiolitis, Refraining from films would delight us! Please also avoid The neb and the ‘roid… After all it is only a virus! For other medical verse, please see my blog. Source: Bronchiolitis guidelineContinue reading “Bronchiolitis guideline limerick”

Limerick version of In Defense of Food

This poem is inspired by Michael Pollan’s PBS documentary In Defense of Food, available here for free viewing until the end of the month: The wisdom Michael Pollan incants– Eat food, not too much, mostly plants— Is simple declared Yet we’re easily ensnared By the food industry’s science-y dance. So here are some other wise rulesContinue reading “Limerick version of In Defense of Food”

Limerick version of guideline on acute pharyngitis

This limerick is based on the Infectious Diseases Society of America’s Clinical Practice Guideline for the Diagnosis and Management of Group A Streptococcal Pharyngitis.   Whom do you test for Group A Strep? To avoid treating strep carriers (a misstep!) In kids under 3 don’t bother Unless a sister or a brother Has symptoms and a test that sayContinue reading “Limerick version of guideline on acute pharyngitis”

A limerick on the health risks of social isolation

Today’s limerick is inspired by today’s New York Times post on the health risks of social isolation. On meeting one seemingly solitary Invite them out, even if they’re not merry Tho’ you improve their health plight Expect no return invite And if lonely, of invites don’t be wary. The study quoted in the post showed that social isolation leads to negative thinking, whichContinue reading “A limerick on the health risks of social isolation”

Children’s Sinusitis Guideline in Iambic Pentameter

The American Academy of Pediatrics acute sinusitis guideline was too complex for limerickification, and even resisted sonnet format, so here it is in iambic pentameter. Nasal discharge’s mostly allergic or viral And thus needs only symptomatic care With no need for an antimicrobial trial Unless high-risk and flu virus is there.   Only think sinusitis as a cause InContinue reading “Children’s Sinusitis Guideline in Iambic Pentameter”