Talking with children about political bullies

Columns on “talking to your children about XXX” appear after mass shootings, natural disasters and other disturbing news events. This election cycle’s extreme levels of bullying have inspired columns on talking with your children about Trump. These include

Veteran political journalist Cokie Roberts even confronted Donald Trump about how his rhetoric is impacting children–specifically, focusing on reports that white children have been taunting children of color by invoking the Trump’s name and promises of deportation. He deflected the question, instead talking about his plans for a border wall:

“But what about the children, Mr. Trump? What about what the children are hearing from you and how they are responding to it?” Roberts asked.

“Well, I think people are responding very positively,” Trump replied.

“Children, I asked,” Roberts pressed.

“I think the messages are very positive you know. Make America great again is a very positive message, not a negative message,” Trump said, again ignoring Roberts’ question about the effects of his rhetoric on young people.



Published by Marion Sills

I am a Professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado. I work as a physician in the emergency departments of the Children's Hospital of Colorado and as a health services researcher at the University's Adult and Child Consortium for Health Outcomes (ACCORDS).

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