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On Doctors Who Have Depression

Also appearing in the New York Times Upshot column, this Incidental Economist blog post on the prevalence of depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts among do2up-healthdepress-illo-promo-master180-v4ctors provides a great overview of the literature.  The post is also compelling because the author draws on his own personal experience with this condition during his own residency, including this moving post about secondary trauma experienced (repeatedly) by many physicians.

Source: Silence Is the Enemy for Doctors Who Have Depression

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Rising prevalence of depressive symptoms among medical residents

This week’s meta-analysis in JAMA shows that medical residents have high rates of depression.  Earlier this year, JAMA Psychiatry published recommendations for screening for depression and suicide risk among physician trainees.

Source: One in four new doctors may be depressed, and their patients may suffer because of it

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