A healthcare provider’s perspective on the latest Planned Parenthood shooting

Dr Jennifer Conti, a physician,  shares her concerns about healthcare sites as targets of violence in the wake of the latest such occurrence: the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting.



Dynamic Medical Evidence

This New York Times overview of updated evidence (studies) changing medical recommendations highlights a clinical scenario I encounter often in my emergency practice: that best evidence shows we should no longer treat most acute ear infections with antibiotics.

The Antibiotic Apocalypse


I am hopeful that these ominous wake-up calls here and here from the BBC  will lead to policy change, especially related to policies that permit widespread use of antibiotics in livestock feed.  Consumers Union posted a policy summary here and the Center for Disease Control’s website gives a more in-depth look here.

Breastfeeding Improves Maternal Health Outcomes

24wellbreast-tmagArticleAlthough studies of the benefits of breastfeeding to the child and the maternal-child bond abound, increasing data, such as that highlighted in this New York Times article, shows the benefits to breastfeeding moms as well.  This summarizes some of the recent findings about improved outcomes related to breast cancer and Type II diabetes.


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