Overview of My Research

Emergency Department Asthma Outcomes

One area of research focuses on measuring and predicting asthma outcomes for children. I have researched the impact on asthma quality of care of emergency department crowding, the Colorado Asthma Toolkit Program and the patient-centered medical home. Currently, I am developing prediction models for asthma outcomes in the emergency department.

Oral Rehydration Therapy

I helped develop a (free) app that guides parents through oral rehydration therapy. I have NIH funding to research and develop this app further. My hope is to develop it for use in telehealth, so that parents who seek remote care for a dehydrated child can be appropriately triaged to use the app.

Children’s Hospital Association Disparities Research Group

I serve as a senior mentor in the Health Disparities Research Group at the Children’s Hospital Association.  Our research uses the Pediatric Health Information System, Medicaid data, and other large electronic health data sets to define and model systems- and patient-level factors associated with process and outcome measures of health care quality, with a focus within quality on the equity of care.  This work has assessed variation in quality of care for various conditions and a variety of outcome measures including readmissions.

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