About Me

Sills closeupI have been in clinical practice since completing my Pediatrics training in 1996 and my Pediatric Emergency Medicine training in 1999.  Since 1999, I have cared for patients and taught trainees in the emergency department (ED) at the Children’s Hospital Colorado, the tertiary referral center and pediatric trauma center for a 7-state region, serving 75,000 children each year. I also work in Children’s Colorado’s Network of Care, which treats an additional 75,000 patients annually. Each shift, I am reminded of something my father, a pediatrician recently retired from Johns Hopkins, told me, which is that it is humbling to be entrusted with the care of each child.

Sills_Marion 2011While caring for patients, I provide bedside teaching for fellows and residents from pediatrics, emergency medicine, family medicine and dentistry.

In my research, I have conducted grant-funded research in ED crowding, the quality of care provided to children, and healthcare delivery system characteristics that optimize care to patients with chronic conditions. Mentoring trainees and faculty in research is one of the things I love most about my job.  For more about my research, please see the About My Research tab.


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